Hollywood Electrics Race Class

Hollywood Electrics is offering both a race package for their customers to race in the M1-Grand Prix Motorcycle Road Racing Series, as well as contingency for the Hollywood Electrics class. 


Hollywood Electrics Race Package

How to get the race package:
Purchase a bike from Hollywood Electrics (new or used). Visit: http://hollywoodelectrics.com
The package includes:
    • extra grips (2)
    • extra throttle (1)
    • extra brake lever (1)
    • foot pegs (2)
    • Hollywood Electrics Decals
    • Hollywood Electrics Shirt
    • includes (1) 2013 membership (cash reimbursement from Hollywood Electrics after racing 4 rounds)

Hollywood Electrics Contingency

The first contingency round for the Hollywood Electrics class starts with M1GP's ROUND 2 at Horse Thief Mile (See Calendar).
A minimum of 3 Zero Motorcycles must be pre-registered (on the M1GP website) and race in the class for contingecy to be awarded.
Racers must be the registered owner of the race motorcycle.
Contingecy payout is as follows in Hollywood Electrics Store credit for anything (including tires).
    • 1st Place - $500. value
    • 2nd Place - $250. value
    • 3rd Place - $100. value


For now, this will be an open class (any electric model or make) can race, however only Zero Motorcycles will qualify for the contingency.  
The rules for this class are VERY easyto encourage participation, and may become more rigid as needed later in the season.
All competing bikes must run both a Hollywood Electrics and M1GP race decals as well as number plates (numbers can be selected from the available numbers on the membership page at the time of membership purchase).

All bikes must pass tech (no leaking or loose parts) safety wire and silicone to secure bolts.